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You've found one of the most effective Web Site Design firms, and it was not by accident! Building an effective corporate or organizational Web site takes great proficiency at many skills;

Programming is key, as poorly programmed sites are frequently bug-ridden, take too long to load, and typically do not rank well on search engines.

Graphics and layout must be handled by competent professional commercial artists to achieve the most powerful and effective visual impression, and to deal with copyright and trademark infringement issues.

Marketing and sales ability is also key, and must be attended to by skilled professionals to provide compelling copy. And this is only the begining

There is a lot to learn here for the prospective or disappointed Web site owner. Visit our "corporate Web Sites" area for more on important Web issues.

Thanks for stopping by, and don't hesitate to ask...we have a wealth of valuable experience and insight to offer you, whomever you choose to design your Web site or multimedia application!

Personally, I've long agreed with the "Grow or die" philosophy. A certain amount of business is lost through the passage of time alone, simply by attrition. Also, when your business is based solely on a very few clients, your business is (IMHO) "tied too directly" to whether they do well or poorly. A bad year for them means a bad year for you. Diversifying products, services, and clients assures you of stability. Think mutual funds here...the logic is "they can't all have a bad year unless a total disaster happens." But let us assume that this is then a "vanity" site, made expressly to make your company look as modern as next week. Here are a few of the other benefits owning a corporate Web site can provide you that you may have overlooked; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't underestimate the value of a "vanity" site. From a public relations standpoint, even if your business does operate "In the background" the fact is that your present clients and buyers will be positively reinforced by your commitment to technological growth, and that's powerful. Anyone on the planet for the last twenty years has come to know that technology rules, and so do those who keep abreast of it. You'll provide a "tech-savy" identity for your organization, and your people, who are the "face" of it. Exploiting the Web as a systems networking tool can help you increase the efficiency and enhance and automate the procedures involved in dealing with your company. Vendor and client forms can be made which your employees, as well as your vendors and clients employees, can use to place orders, request information, update databases, keep track of on-hand inventory in real time at multiple locations, and more. The potential uses of the Web and your Web site for business systems automation and integration is almost limitless, bound only by the imagination. Aside from business communications, the Web site can also be used to network people. Traveling execs and sales people, offices in multiple locations, vendors and clients in multiple locations, and to gather communications in the form of feedback from others in your company, your industry, or on the periphery. Mailing lists and contact data gathering allows you to build a database of valuable contacts from virtually any targeted market or industry. Perhaps you'd post a new vendors information form. Wouldn't you love to find vendors who can provide what you need at more competitive prices? They'd appreciate a direct line to you! Or perhaps a database of people involved in peripheral industries? Again, limited only be the imagination. Schedules, people and work groups. Post hours, jobs, work group information, client and product information for presentations, up-to-the-minute pricing information, anything that previously required two humans to match their schedules, or speak directly on the phone, can now be done online, at each ones convenience. You don't have to be concerned with whether Bob is going to be free at three o'clock...just post it and/or send him an email with the information or the address of the information, and Bob's good. This is a new media to be sure, but it is also a proven one, and undoubtedly a sizeable chunk of the future of business technology. Show that you're courageous enough to not only accept it, but to embrace this new media with style! Have clients who don't appreciate the work that goes into producing your products and services? Show them. They'll come away with a better understanding, and therefore a greater appreciation of what you really do for them, and just what they're getting for those checks they write. Become a portal site. Just think what could happen if your site became the repository for tons of useful information targeted to those in your industry, on business administration, legal, financial, and other matters, with references to other online sources that might make your site the place they go first. Advertising revenues alone would make it a worthwhile endeavor, with vendors and shippers and other peripheral industries approaching you for your sites inherent referral business value. Subscription services for industry needs. Garner and update useful information and vital data of any kind that would be needed by others in your industry, and you have the basis of an information service. Subscribers to the service can be charged modest fees and have access to the latest facts, figures and data that you've found useful. Expand the income generated by your intelligence-gathering efforts! Bulletin boards and mailing lists or newsgroups based from the site can keep your companys name in front of the interested public...and industry insiders. A newsletter is also a good tool (AKA e-zines,) which when sent through email is an expense-free way to get your corporate identity some mileage, and for pennies on the dollar when compared to print media equivalents. Name your problem. Chances are there is a strategy that JTGRAFx can develop or find that will be a useful tool to that end. Think of it as reverse-engineering a marketing problem. Forget about what the Web can do...it's almost limitless. Give us a "challenges" list and see if we don't come up with a few (dozen) "solutions" for you. And if no ones ever done it before? Even better! We specialize in innovation! I'd bet on us.

Experience Our experience allows us to work with virtually any kind of company, and our ability to organize information into a clear, concise, and easily understandable experience for the viewer makes for better public relations - and a clearer view of what makes your company stand out from the crowd. The result is more sales, and a greater appreciation and understanding of your company and it's strengths.

Communication One of the things I've found in speaking to my clients and prospects is the fact that after meeting with most web site developers, business people are frequently left more thoroughly confused than indoctrinated about how the whole process works. One of our strengths is the ability to put answers to common questions that business people, who are not familiar with the net ask, into clear and understandable terminology. We are also willing to spend time with a client in the initial meeting, allowing you and your staff to fully understand the process of making the web site, strategies and techniques to promote it, and what you're paying for, and why.

Plain old people skills If you've ever had to deal with a company rep who had little or no people skills, you know why I chose to include this. It is my personal promise to my clients that I and my staff will do our very best to ensure you are treated with the respect and dignity you deserve. After all, you shouldn't have to pay someone to not care about any concern you have regarding the service that company is supposedly providing. Isn't that what service is?

Professionalism A professional designer can work within budget constraints, and do a quality job. Note the period here. Also, we pride ourselves on our basic philosophy of doing business; If a client cannot afford our services, we do not take the job. But if we do take the job, we do the best work we can, even if it means our client "got more than he or she paid for." Why? Simple. It's got our name on it! You will never get a Web site, CD-ROM, or Corporate ID job that's boring, unimaginative, poorly rendered, or quickly "slapped together," whatever the agreed upon price is. This dedication to doing the job right and doing the "right job" is what professionalism means to us. Quality counts. You can count on us to deliver it.

There are always a certain percentage of businesses that have made their fortunes catering to a very few, very large clients. In such a case, the assumption may be that the site will not be utilized to garner new market share, or if it attempts to, not much is expected to come of it. This assumption is false in my opinion, as for the right price, most business people could be talked into expanding their operations. Like it or not, your site will probably bring you a new client or five, even if you don't need or want them. What a shame ;)